World leader in pedestrian and cyclist counting Eco-Counters and Quantaflow is proudly distributed in Cyprus and Greece by S.A.S Sports

Specialized in pedestrian and bicycle counting solutions, Eco-Counter offers a complete range of products from sensors to data analysis software. Eco-Counter is based in Lannion, France and owns two subsidiaries: one in Montreal, Canada and one in Köln, Germany.

Our clients in more than 50 countries include some of the most beautiful natural areas and advanced cities in active transportation policy. A leader in pedestrian and cyclist counting solutions worldwide, Eco-Counter is focused on innovation and building international expertise.

Our business model is free-form or “entreprise libérée”, which aims to increase flexibility and happiness at work. Eco-Counter was given an award by the Leader's League: “Leadership & Collaborative Management”, as well as an award for “Caring Company” at the Trophées PME Bougeons-Nous RMC.

Since 1997, Eco-Counter has developed unique and innovative solutions to count pedestrians and cyclists. Although knowing the numbers is the end goal, the system we use depends on the site – counting pedestrians downtown is quite different from counting them on mountain trails. This is why we have created specific products for the diverse environments that our clients work in.

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